Successful Partnerships


1. ICC and the European Union : The ERRIS Project

The Indian Chamber of Commerce is currently executing a project awarded under the European Union- India Economic Cross Cultural Programme (ECCP) in 2003.

The grant amount for the project is 4,00,000 Euros The project envisages the setting up of a management information system called the Environmental Risk Reporting and Information System (ERRIS) at the industrial townships of Haldia and Durgapur in West Bengal, India and the supporting framework to enable proper functioning of the system. The ERRIS would disseminate industry environmental risk related information to public at large and provide vital assistance to responders to acquire swift control of a contingency situation, should it so arise. On the whole, the project would endeavour to build a transparent framework for risk management by urging corporate bodies / industries to proactively share information with various stakeholders thereby advancing the cause of responsible corporate citizenship in partnership with other social actors.

ERRIS would help in achieving two goals:

First, precise information on hazardous substances used / produced by industries would help in preventing accidents.

Second, since time is the essence of responding to environmental disasters, the ERRIS would provide critical information to emergency services and administration, thereby enabling them to take    effective remedial measures

The two European partners in this project are Institute for Protection and Safety of Citizen, Italy and International Institute of Geo-spatial Science and Earth Observation, Netherlands.

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 2. ICC & the Department of Development of North Eastern Region

The ICC in collaboration with the Department of Development of North-Eastern Region organizes an annual business summit in important metros of India to promote and generate investor interest in this resource-rich region. The first North East Business Summit (NEBS) was held in Mumbai on July 19-20, 2002. The second summit was held in New Delhi in January 2004.

3. ICC & the West Bengal Pollution Control Board

Every year, the Indian Chamber of Commerce and the West Bengal Pollution Control Board come together to present the Environmental Excellence Award. This award recognizes the commendable efforts shown by the industries of the state to protect and preserve the environment through proactive environmental management practices during the year.


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United States Asia Environment Partnership (USAEP) stepped in to join hands with the ICC Environment Management Centre. Jointly, ICC organized several events with US experts and others in Eastern India. The UASEP project was completed in record time.