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Include at the very top of the resume, the level of education (including name of school, college or university). Mention awards and awards (if any) for education or training. List strategically work experiences: volunteering, doing odd jobs here and there, describing the tasks performed and the added value. List skills and achievements: competitions won in school or extracurricular activities, essay plagiarism free scholarships received at the university level (for the recruiter it means that you are a hard worker), your role as a leader in the framework of an association or in the football team of your school for example, etc. Include at least two references in the CV. These are the people (your teacher, the people you worked within the course of volunteering, your job as part of a small job …) who can attest to your abilities so that you can stand out from others despite your lack of experience. Choose the right words and use a language and style without errors (grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling …). Insist on your professional ethic (show that you are a hard worker, focus on your school performance …). Make sure to always adapt your CV to the different jobs (the data to include for a gardener position will not necessarily be the same as those required for a legal assistant position in a cabinet for example …).

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