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Profile of ICC Office Bearers


Mr. Aditya V. Agarwal

President, ICC
Director, Emami Ltd.
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Mr. Shashwat Goenka
Senior Vice President, ICC
Sector Head, Spencer’s Retail Ltd.
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Mr. Rudra Chatterjee
Vice President, ICC
Executive Director, Laxmi Company Ltd.











Dr. Rajeev Singh
Director General, ICC
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Connect with ICC Team

Name Email ID Sector
Dr. Rajeev Singh ceo@indianchamber.net  
Soma Mukerji soma.mukerji@indianchamber.net Young Leaders Forum
Bodhisattwa Mukherjee bodhisattwa.mukherjee@indianchamber.net International, Tourism, Tea
Gautam Rakshit gautam.rakshit@indianchamber.net Facilities
Ishantor Sobhapandit ishantor.sobhapandit@indianchamber.net North East
Jahar Ganguly Jahar.ganguly@indianchamber.net Facilities
Kamalendra Sahi kamal.sahi@indianchamber.net Bihar
Kasturi Nandy kasturi.nandy@indianchamber.net B2B desk
Madhuparna Bhowmick madhuparna.bhowmick@indianchamber.net Agro & Food Processing
Moloy Banerjee MoloyBanerjee@indianchamber.net Arbitration
Nilanjan Chaudhury nilanjan.chaudhury@indianchamber.net Coal, Mineral & Metal
Nivedita Sen nivedita.sen@indianchamber.net Certificate of Origin, Visa Recommendation, Kolkata Foundation
Paromita Bhowmick Chaki paromita.chaki@indianchamber.net Education, MSME, Infrastructure
Sujoy Ghosh sujoy.ghosh@indianchamber.net International, Healthcare, IT, PSU
Sidhartha Kumar Dhal sidhartha.dhal@indianchamber.net Odisha
Sharmila Banerjee sharmila.banerjee@indianchamber.net West India
Soma Mukerji soma.mukerji@indianchamber.net Environment, 100 Smart Cities
Souvik Banerjee souvik.banerjee@indianchamber.net Banking & Financial Services , Economic Research  & Policy Advocacy
Suparna Chatterjee suparna.chatterjee@indianchamber.net Chemical, Enegry, Membership
Susmmita Das Biswas susmmita.biswas@indianchamber.net International Page, Retail, Fire & Safety
Debmalya Banerjee debmalya.banerjee@indianchamber.net North India

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