Interactive Session with Mr Deepender Singh Hooda

17th April - 17th April, 2015 at Kolkata, India


Mr Deepender Singh Hooda Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha,  while addressing an Exclusive Interactive Session on Building a Better India : Challenges of Economics & Politics organized by Young Leaders Forum (ICC) on April 17, 2015 touched upon several issues which are presently facing the country . He stressed on the Land Acquisition Bill explaining that the Congress is not against acquisition of land if used for any infrastructural project but their concern and objection is to the acquisition of land in being used for a private or PPP projects (Public Private Partnership ) and where private profiteering is involved. He was of the opinion that consent of 70% farmers should be taken with regards to land acquisition.. Taking a move without their consent would be unconstitutional.

He touched upon the Labour Employment aspect in which he said that the dependability of 60% population of the country on agriculture needs to come down . Alternatively,they should be moved to manufacturing and services sector. He personally felt as per our demographic profile creation of 10 million jobs per year would  give a boost to the Economic Growth of the country . With reference to the reforms in the power sector Mr Hooda praised the initiative of the present Government with regards to the proposed  Electricity Deregulation Act which seeks to end the monopoly of the States.

His interaction with the audience on their queries and concerns was candid & engaging .

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