YLF Activity Session with Dr Sambit Patra

10th April - 10th April, 2015 at Hotel Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata., India


An Interactive Session with the BJP National Spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra was held on April 10, 2015 at Hotel Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata. The session was themed on Developmental Challenges of a Democracy : Balancing Politics & Economics. Dr Patra in his address stressed on the fact that the present BJP Government has a neutral approach towards growth with its developmental agenda cutting across the rich and poor in the country.

He cited examples wherein the Government has proven its neutrality approach through the coal block auction, which generated 2 lakh crores and the spectrum auction which generated 1 lakh crores for the country’s exchequer. Abolition of Wealth Tax substituted by levy of additional surcharge on the rich which made a revenue to the exchequer of the country to the tune of 9000 crores is another case in point.

The Land Acquisition bill which is under much debate and scrutiny as it is seen as pro industry by the opposition was explained by Dr Patra saying that the Bill though passed in the Lok Sabha will be at the discretion of the competitive authority i.e the States to decide whether they want to enact the consent clause with their desired percentage on consent or do away with it and the social impact assessment thereof. Alternatively, if they wish they could follow the 2013 law for Land Acquisition. The decision would therefore lie with the respective state governments to embrace the Bill as per their local standing, and facilitate development of their respective regions.

The audience was appreciative of his views and candid approach in his answering to their queries and concerns.

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