One day training on Behaviour Based Safety

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Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is about integrating behavioral technology into the management safety sytem in your company. It is the vital to understand the significance of Behaviour Based Safety and implement the concerned practices and procedures in order to manage the safety management system in the workplace. Behavioral technology is the system and process for applying the laws and principles that govern human behavior to achieve behavior change.  Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is a process that helps employees to identify and choose a safe behavior over an unsafe one. The major objective of an effective behavior-based safety process is to make safe behavior a habit. This course will help the participants to understand the importance of behavior based safety in safety management system. They use a combination of methods to give people the information, skills and willingness to work more safely, to maximize their learning and to apply what they learn to the real world.


Research experiences indicate that:

  • Almost 100% of the accidents are due to unsafe acts
  • 40-50% of the unsafe behaviors are noticeable at any plant at any given point of time
  • 25 – 30% of safety awareness is lacking among employees which gets reflected in their unsafe behaviors
  • Every organization has thousands of unsafe behaviors
  • Targeting zero accident does not ensure that your plant is safe.


Course Coverage:

  • Organizational Safety Culture: Human psychology, behaviour and culture
  • Conventional Safety
  • An introduction to behaviour based safety
  • Identification of Accident Prone Behaviors, Critical task
  • Behavior Modification techniques
  • Implementation roadmap


  • Full-time safety practitioners, safety committee members, safety coordinators, safety specialists, human resources, safety managers, loss control managers, and operations managers can benefit from this course.
  • This course is for anyone involved in operations, maintenance, lab, utilities, and other support areas to a process, with direct hands-on responsibilities.


Each participant will receive a joint certificate from Indian Chamber of Commerce ICC) and Consultivo Academy.


For Registration please contact:

Mr. Himadri Bhattacharyya

M: +91 98306 25490; E:






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