ICC Office Bearers

ICC Office Bearers

  • Mr. Mayank Jalan

    President, ICC

    Managing Director, Keventer Agro Ltd.


  • Mr. Vikash Agarwal

    Senior Vice President, ICC

    President, Rupa and Company Ltd.


  • Mr. Pradeep Sureka

    Vice President, ICC

    MD, Sureka Group


  • Dr. Rajeev Singh

    Director General, ICC


Connect with ICC Team
Name Email ID Sector
Dr. Rajeev Singh [email protected]
Alok Chattopadhayay [email protected] Finance & Admin
Bodhisattwa Mukherjee [email protected] International, Tourism
Gautam Rakshit [email protected] Branding, PR
Ishantor Sobhapandit [email protected] North East
Balkrishna Singh [email protected] Jharkhand
Serene Ghosal [email protected] Energy initiatives, North Bengal initiatives, Chemical
Madhuparna Bhowmick [email protected] Agro & Food Processing
Alok Chattopadhaya [email protected] Arbitration
Nilanjan Chaudhury [email protected] Coal, Mineral & Metal
Nivedita Sen [email protected] Certificate of Origin, Visa Recommendation, Kolkata Foundation
Paromita Bhowmick Chaki [email protected] Education, MSME, Infrastructure
Sujoy Ghosh [email protected] International, Healthcare, IT, PSU,YLF
Debasis Gupta [email protected] Accountant
Ratheesh Nair [email protected] West India
Soma Mukerji [email protected] Environment, 100 Smart Cities
Rajarshi Ghosh [email protected] Banking & Financial Services , Economic Research  & Policy Advocacy, B2B
Chandrani Chatterjee [email protected] Membership
Susmmita Das Biswas [email protected] International Page, Retail, Textile, Fire & Safety
Debmalya Banerjee [email protected] North India
Shuvankar Roy [email protected] Auditorium Booking & Bill Processing, Event Administration
Nabeen Medishetty [email protected] Hyderabad
Susanta Bose [email protected] Internal Administration
Sujit Das [email protected] Agartala
Sumit Dasgupta [email protected] Siliguri
Tapan Chattopadhyay [email protected] Capacity Building
Raina guha [email protected] Education, James and Jewellery P P Majumder [email protected] Skill Development Jyoti Prakash Pal [email protected] Odisha

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