Corporate Governance Awards

Corporate Governance Awards

Corporate Governance & Sustainability Vision Awards


Indian Chamber of Commerce is one of the most pro-active Industry association of the country today working towards a growth oriented model for all the key driving sectors of the economy. Our primary focus has always remained inclined towards creating a sustainable model both for industry and society through inclusion, empowerment and development of human resource.

To further emphasise on the need for Sustainability, ICC organises the India Corporate Governance & Sustainability Vision Summit every year.

Sustainability covers a huge gamut of activities both at industrial and individual level. In the recent past, we have seen Corporate India (Both Public Sector and Private sector) are working on their Sustainability Mission to ensure growth and prosperity for the long term.

In an attempt to recognize and honour their enormous endeavour towards creating a Sustainable development model for the society at large, ICC confers the Corporate Governance & Sustainability Vision Awards to various Indian businesses. It is bestowed to those organizations which demonstrate excellent performance in the area of Corporate Governance & Sustainable Development and definitely nurture innovation as well. The Award was conceptualized way back in 2011.

The Awards are a part of the continued efforts to create awareness, promote policy & practices and create capacity to mainstream sustainability practices in Indian industry. These prestigious Awards focus on the strong link between the corporate reputation and stakeholder trust, and feed into building brand value and public positioning of companies.

Objectives of the Awards

The Corporate Governance & Sustainability Vision Awards nurtures innovation, build trust and help shape a sustainable future by

  1. Identifying and recognizing outstanding performance by Indian businesses in the various aspects of corporate governance & sustainability.
  2. Promoting role models in Indian industry and rewarding excellence achieved by businesses in mainstreaming sustainability in business practices.
  3. Facilitating Indian businesses to adopt sustainability practices and proper governance through knowledge exchange at the conference.
Benefits to Business

Applying for the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Vision Awards will:

  1. Build capacity of Companies to better understand and mainstream sustainability.
  2. Augment the brand image and recognition of their business.
  3. Strengthen potential for business by sharing best practices during on-site assessment.
  4. Learn from the masters of sustainability and implement it into your organization.
Award Categories
  • Sustainability Performance Award
  • Sustainability Reporting Award
  • Water Stewardship Award
  • Corporate Governance Award
Jury Members
  1. Mr K M Chandrasekhar, Former Cabinet Secretary, Government of India, Vice Chairman, Kerala Planning Board
  2. Dr Kirit S Parikh, Former Member, Planning Commission, Government of India
  3. Mr Anil Razdan, Former Secretary, Ministry of Power, Government of India
  4. Dr Bhaskar Chatterjee, Senior Director, Indian Institute of Learning and Management
  5. Mr N R Krishnan, Former Environment Secretary, Government of India
  6. Mr R S Pandey, Former Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India
  7. Mr S K Roongta,Chairman, ICC National Expert Committee on Minerals & Metals
  8. Dr S P Gon Chaudhuri, Renewable Energy Advisor to the Department of Power, Government of West Bengal
  9. Dr Prof A.Gosain, Professor & Head Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

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