ICC Initiatives Related to HR & IR

ICC Initiatives Related to HR & IR

ICC has been actively supporting its members in the field personnel and industrial relations. Some of the tasks include –

  • To give advice to the Members of the Chamber on matters relating to personnel, industrial relations and Industrial laws as and when asked for.
  • To help the Members of the Chamber in drafting letters / notices etc to their Unions and various Government authorities whenever asked for
  • To issue circulars on Legislative charges, Government notifications with Interpretation and advice for implementation and also on other matters like CPI number, public holidays etc.
  • To prepare and submit comments and suggestions to the Central and State Governments on the proposed Legislative changes or on any other matter on which comments of the Chamber are invited.
  • To organize Seminars, Interactive Sessions, Conference or Training Programmes from time to time.
  • To attend the meetings of various Official bodies like ESI Regional Board, State Labour Advisory Board, Minimum Wages Advisory Board, and State Contract Labour Advisory Board.
ICC programs of past
Social Security events
1 Seminars on EPFO
2 Seminars and International Conferences on Fire & Safety
3 Interactive Sessions on Management & Trade Union
4 Seminars on ESIC
5 Seminar on Industrial Safety Growth through prevention of Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Hazards
HR & IR events
1 Labour Reforms In India
2 Workshop on Motivation Techniques
3 Workshop on Wages and Performance Linkages in Agreement with Trade Union
4 Seminar on Role of Employer, Employee and Government in Labour Welfare
5 Workshop on Contract Labour Outsourcing

Upcoming Events

Past Events