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India is on the verge of inclusive growth in terms of GDP, Industrial output, Foreign investments and Economic development. One of the largest democracies is poised to be the super power in coming 20 years and the way forward has been laid with the vision of “Make in India”. The objectives had been set, the focus area has been identified, the mandate has been documented which needs the translation in reality with wisdom, vision and the actionable plans and strategies.

The challenges are many and among them the capacity building across sectors are the key area to address. The capacity building can be in R&D, New technology adoption, International collaboration and new product developments. India needs to come up to the expectation of the new investors, uphold the morale of the new entrepreneurs, smooth logistic module and the utilization of the resources to the best possible way to meet the needs of the nation.

Capacity Building Initiatives Department works on those areas to indentify the new sector of business, new technology to peruse, new system to identify and bring the industry and the Government in one platform to facilitate the need of the hour for the development of Indian economy.

Some of the prominent initiatives taken by this department are:

India International Seaweed Expo & Summit

Bio Stimulant Conference

ICC Global Chemical Industry International Expo & Conference

Marine Chemical Conclave

In Indian Chamber of Commerce, we work with the industry experts, policy makers, research institutions and the foreign experts in specific field and move towards highlighting the scope and opportunities India can offer for the development of future India.

The Department is headed by Sushantjit Dey