Sectors : Environment

ICC has been taking up initiatives in environment management and sustainable development initiatives to address industry’s issues pertaining to environment and climate change. ICC has special focus on sustainable waste management, water management, among various stakeholders through undertaking various activities involving research, organizing environmental awareness programmes, interactive sessions with key policymakers, workshops, conclaves, conducting training programmes, organizing Green Business Quiz and creating business-to-business interfaces.

ICC has been playing a critical role in the policy dialogue on climate change both domestically and internationally, as well as facilitating the carbon market through the Clean Development Mechanism. ICC has been creating stakeholder awareness in India and familiarizing stakeholders with the core issues and challenges confronting them. It also acts as a bridge between different carbon market stakeholders to advance CDM projects.

The Chamber has been working closely with the Department of Environment, Govt. of West Bengal, West Bengal State Pollution Control Board and other associated bodies and takes up various issues in the areas like cement, iron & steel, pulp & paper, power, oil & gas, wind energy, mass transport, chemicals industries, and from sectors such as waste management, forestry, financial, carbon advisory, and government bodies.

The Department is headed by Mrs. Soma Mukerji