ICC expert Committee on Travel and Tourism

The committee has been taking active initiatives in various ICC events in the past. At present there are 25 members in the committee comprising various sector players like Hoteliers, Tour Operators, Government Agencies, Airliners, Transporters etc. The committee has taken active role in past events of ICC like “Travel India” etc.

The committee mainly comprises of important sector players from Kolkata. People like Ms. R Sushila, ED Vivada Cruises, Mr. Varun Chabber, General Manager, Oberoi Grand; Mr. J. P. Shaw, Regional Director, Indiatourism, Kolkata; Ms. Birgil Holm, General Manager, Hyatt Regency, Kolkata; Mr. Yaseer Ahmad, Regional Director, Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd; Mr. Vichaya Sing Toroji, Regional Head, Thai Airways Ltd etc have been important member of ICC expert committee on tourism.

Performance of past years: The performance in the years has been quite good with successful organization of various editions of “Travel India”. The expert committee always took active roles in organizing these events. In Travel India 2016, a fam trip jointly with West Bengal Tourism was organized for 20 Chinese Tour Operators.

Past Chairman

Till 2014-15, Mr. Raju Bharat, Managing Director, The Kenilworth Hotel, has led the expert committee.

Focus of the committee: Being a nodal Chamber of East and North East, the primary focus of the Expert Committee is to promote tourism business of East and North East of India with South East Asian countries. Some of the areas where the Expert Committee has been zeroing on include: Buddhist tour circuit, tea tourism, tourism related to traditional medicines, adventure tourism etc

Past achievements/ recommendations/ future work, etc: The committee has made concrete recommendations entitled “Tourism Industry in West Bengal- Unleashing Potentials” and presented it to Mr. A. R Bardhan Principal Secretary, Tourism, West Bengal

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