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In 2002, the Indian Chamber of Commerce embarked on this major initiative to facilitate assimilation of the North East into the economic mainstream of the country. Commencing with a successful North East Business Summit at Mumbai in 2002, followed by two Summits at New Delhi in 2004 and 2007, and one at Guwahati in 2008, the  ICC endeavors to create an environment that is conducive and a firm base to facilitate the flow of business and investment into this resource rich region.

The ICCs package includes proposals for development that are sustainable and undertaken on a continuous basis.

The ICCs objective is to put in place a package of activities aimed at:

·         Enhancing exposure and skills of entrepreneurs in the region
·         Bringing in more business and investments to the North East
·         Helping prepare the infrastructure
·         Policy Support for enhancing economic development
·         Providing market linkages

The North East Initiative organizes focussed Business Delegations from within the country and outside to visit the North East for business and investment purposes as well as delegations from the Region to other strategic national and international destinations towards building business tie-ups. The Initiative garners more exposure to business and industry in the North East by inviting them to business events at the ICC so that they can develop a larger network. Capacity building measures Training and Awareness Programmes on exports, finance, marketing, tourism, environment, and human resources etc are also undertaken to enhance the level of skills in the North East.  In addition to the above, with the four successfully organized North East Business Summits, ICC plans to continue the effort in other metros as well. Efforts to help the North Eastern States develop a Policy Framework that would facilitate and promote business and investment through Advisory Cells in each State for continuous Government–Industry Interaction is within the purview of the Initiatives activities.

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